Launchtel: TENSHI’s Digital Marketing Wing

Launchtel is TENSHI Advertising Agency’s award-winning online and digital marketing wing. With a combination of PPC/SEM expertise and robust software, we have achieved unparalleled results for our clients in generating more revenue, increasing leads, and delivering a more impactful online brand presence.

SEM, PPC & Social Marketing
Don’t be a statistic. Over 60% of ad budgets yield 0 results.

Become an industry leader. With our SEM, PPC and Facebook marketing campaigns, we have consistently produced 5x-10x ROI in the first few months across industries. 


Site Experience & CRO
Keep improving. Site optimization increases conversions by 60%+ annually.

Improve a user’s experience and convert more. We use split testing and heat mapping tools to engage users and reduce their steps from visit to conversion.


Analytics & Reporting
Don’t rely on bad data. Over 90% of companies have bad analytics data.

Bad data means bad decisions that cost you. We use Analytics, call tracking and other tools to measure every relevant metric to shape our strategies and optimizations. 



Conversions & customer acquisition at the lowest cost. How TENSHI increased conversions by nearly 400%.


Using behavioral segmentation & a scientific approach produced key insights for the international brand.

Clement & eCommerce

Overcoming market challenges to produce 5x return on ad spend for an eCommerce retailer.

88 Restaurants

A substantial increase in online orders, reservations, call orders & customer engagement for a restaurant chain.

What Sets Us Apart & How We Achieve Results

How are we able to achieve such results? Simply put, it’s our understanding of consumers and data. In today’s digital world, to make sense of consumer behavior and other key variables, to truly deliver results, and to keep up with the millions of digital micro transactions, a new solution is needed.

*Data below from one of our digital campaigns

A solution with a combination of human & software approach that enables us to optimize on all digital advertising initiatives across search, social & display.
Human Strategies
& 24/7 Monitoring
for Optimizations
Bid Changes
Every 30mins

It’s In Our DNA

Each of our campaigns is given a dedicated team of PPC & SEM experts that understand when & how to optimize campaigns, how to leverage partnerships, & when & how to pivot strategies at the most effective moments. Our teams monitor data 24/7, looking for opportunities to maximize returns.

Doing The Humanly Impossible

We create customized machine-learning algorithms for each campaign that never leave the PPC trading floor, and track trends and use the best available current data in their decision-making process to drive up conversions and reduce incremental costs by making bid adjustments every 30 minutes.