Why commit 100% of your budget to a strategy that may not work? We devised a few strategies with test budgets to help grow a fast-rising restaurant chain. The test budgets were substantially low and needed to produce the highest return on ad spend possible to receive the entirety of the overall budget.

The winning strategy yielded a 40X return on ad spend between online orders, reservations and call orders. The strategy was based on dayparting and focusing on mobile users within a 6 mile radius of the target restaurant location. By determining the most likely to dine based on their search intent and by providing them the incentive of proximity, the patrons saw more value in selecting HIRO 88 over competitors, and more actively placed reservations and online and call pickup orders.


Duration Shown
July – Mid-November (4.5 months)

Test Budget

Geo Target
Midwest (USA) – 1 chain location targeted

Demo Target
Restaurant diners

Restaurant & Food Service

Campaign Cost

Sales Revenue
$16,000+  (online orders, call orders, reservations)

Return On Ad Spend

A Look at Conversions vs. Avg. CPC

The change from higher costs and lower conversions to rising conversions and dipping costs (conversions include orders, reservations, etc.)

A Breakdown of Event Completions by Month

Conversions or event goal completions over the test duration (including purchases, online and call orders, reservations, etc.)