Introducing a product or brand into a saturated and competitive market can be an arduous task, particularly in a market of big budget spenders. To meet the goals of Clement, an online apparel retailer, we focused on the most important eCommerce metric—the conversion value per cost—and, between online sales, call sales and converted leads, we produced a 5X return on ad spend in the initial test period alone.

After determining the most effective strategies that yield the lowest cost per acquisition and identifying the products that best fit those strategies, we applied custom algorithms that executed those strategies on targeted campaign segments with the highest conversion value by allocating more of the budget to those campaigns at peak times. The results far exceed the industry benchmark on returns.

Duration Shown
Last week February to 1st week May (2.75 months)


Geo Target
National (USA)

Demo Target
High-end restaurant chefs/ Executive chefs

Chef Wear & Apparel

Campaign Cost

Commercial Leads
15  (6 online, 9 from calls)

Sales Revenue
$14,644.90  ($6,793.60 online, $4,351.30 from calls, $3,500 from leads converted in following month)

Avg Sale Value

A Look at the Executive Summary

Campaign performance metrics and site analytics improvements over the test duration

A Breakdown of Monthly Performance

Clicks, conversion counts and revenue (not including converted leads from following month)